Employee events are good for business



Events serve many important functions when it comes to business. Trade shows produce leads, marketing events increase awareness and educational seminars ensure your team stays competitive. It’s easy to justify the time and financial resources these events require. However, many tend to overlook the crucial return on investment that an internal event or party can provide.


 “Human beings have an innate inner drive to be … connected to one another. And when that drive is liberated, people achieve more.”1   – Daniel H. Pink



  1. Events strengthen social bonds between employees

In order to enhance your company’s morale, it is imperative that you build a strong level of camaraderie among your employees. Hosting events to celebrate your employees gives them a chance to get to bond outside of the office. Face-to-face interactions at events are more powerful than any email will ever be, which makes them irreplaceable.

  1. Events improve employee retention and job satisfaction

Human beings are programmed to enhance their work ethic and productivity when they feel appreciated. According to one Bersin & Associates study “companies who actively work toward a recognition-rich culture had a 31% lower employee turnover rate.” 2

Events, whether big or small are a great way to recognize employee achievement, make them feel valued, motivate them towards the future and make them want to stick around.

  1. Top teams celebrate their successes

Events are a great way to mark and celebrate milestones. A company that throws a party because they reached all their sales goals for a certain number of consecutive years not only shows appreciation for its employees’ work, but also gives them a sense of belonging within a thriving company. This will increase employee dedication and confidence in the stability of their job and inspire them to work diligently towards the company’s next goal.

  1. Events provide platform to reinforce corporate culture

The way we celebrate says a lot about us and company events are the perfect platform to define and reinforce your company’s desired personality. If your organization prides itself on equality and open door policies, ditch the VIP-only areas at your event in favor of spaces and activities which encourage interaction between employees of all levels. Want to nurture a creative, playful culture? Incorporate hands-on art installations and nostalgic games into your events.

  1. Events can restore morale

Research emphasizes the importance of, “gathering together when times are tough. Otherwise, people disintegrate and pull apart.”3 Tumultuous times may seem like the wrong time for a company to spend money on an event – however the investment can be worthwhile. Consider bringing everyone together to share your plan for getting back on track, remind everyone what they are working towards, and inspire employees to turn things around – as a team.


“When people have hope for the future they will have power in the present.” 4 – Jill Blashack Strahan


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