We have all been to the corporate party – serving good, and sometimes great food via passing, stations or small plates.  However, for those that often attend these type of events, there is a certain feeling of sameness that permeates the room.

But what if we start to think about presenting food and beverage as an art form; serving food and beverage in a unique way that can create excitement, surprise, and take guests on a culinary journey?

Here are five things to think about to see if your event passes the Boring Food Test.


Unique Presentations

We are assuming that the word “buffet” is not in your vocabulary and that at a minimum you’re utilizing a variety of food stations. If so, you’re in the game.  Now, how about upping it a level with a wall of drawers where guests can explore the different offerings while catering staff serves from behind?  Another unique style: pop-up stations that come to your guests then quickly disappear.  What about a mobile dessert station that floats by with the aid of balloon clouds? Just think about what would get your attention and let that be your starting point of reference.



A bar is a bar is a bar.  Well, not really! Sure you need to make sure you have the proper number points of service for the guest count and the types of beverages you are offering, but what makes your bars memorable? How about mixologists creating unique concoctions and serving them in artful ways?  What about a visually stunning taste wall that bartenders use to create the perfect drink of choice?  It may even sway the white wine drinker to try something new.


Play with the Theme

Does your event have a theme? Have you creatively woven that theme into the design?  Your food and beverage offerings can creatively decorate the venue and enhance your theme.  With an urban theme, use fun ironing boards to heat up custom paninis.  For a nature theme, incorporate trees and branches into the displays and let people explore.  What about a motorized train that actually delivers small plates for a fun and whimsical fairy tale theme. The options are endless and just require some creativity.


Play with Color

Food is naturally a fun and colorful event element and can take many unique forms. Food stations can act as a blank canvas to which you can add fun pops of color through the cuisine, linens and presentation elements to really make your stations visually enticing. Arrange your food by color, or keep everything monochromatic for a sleek, modern look. Add color and height with glowing pedestals or other unique elements. Remember, there’s a reason restaurants garnish their plates before serving.


Entertainers as Servers

No, for heaven’s sake it does not need to be a waiter that sings (unless you want your guests to feel like they are in the 90’s).  For a hipper crowd, think flair bartenders, a costumed performer that serves glasses from her glowing dress, or aerial performers that pour champagne from above.  Performers, dressed to the theme and playing a role, can make a simple experience of getting a drink or bite to eat into the most memorable part of an event.


Did your event pass the test?  Are you utilizing these fun tricks of the trade to elevate your event? How you incorporate these type of ideas will make the difference between blending in with every other event your guests have attended or breaking from the clutter of sameness and truly producing a memorable guest experience.

If you didn’t pass the test, don’t fret. We can help you create something truly special for your next party!